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Due to the nature of our business, and confidentiality remaining one of our priorities, we do not publish the names or contact info of our clients.Thank you for understanding.

"After years of therapy, counseling and rehab, these workshops and processes made total sense to me and I was finally able to get my life back on track." NS

" My adult family had lost all hope of being able to function in a healthy emotional place. We all as a family embraced this learning and what a difference it made in our ability to communicate with each other." Alberta

"As a young couple wanting to be together we needed to do something to sort out our differences. We chose to come here in lieu of conventional marriage counselling. This worked. Thank you so much. " Alberta

" While in the Core Empowerment Program I decided to change my role as a mental health professional. I resigned my senior position at our hospital as Chief of Psychiatry and embraced my own clinic and business so I could deliver competent services to my patients. I would never have made that decision without this process." Taiwan

" I am a mother of two and before I embraced any of these programs I felt angry and frustrated which led to my yelling much of the time. This was unfair to my kids and made me feel like a terrible Mom. After just a few hours into the Core Empowerment Program my husband witnessed my changes and a reduction in the yelling. After taking the full 40 hours, I felt like a new person. I continued to pursue some of the other offerings including the Creating Power Couples for my husband and I. It's all so effective and has made a huge difference in our home!" Alberta

" Self worth is a concept I did not truly understand before I walked through the doors that these services were able to provide for me. My future and that of my family is dramatically different for the extraordinary shifts we have been able to make." Saskatchewan

" After enrolling in the core empowerment program I began to feel my self worth and self confidence sky rocket. I now have more inner peace and contentment as I go about my daily living and I love whom I have become.. Thank you for the tools that allow me to live life to its fullest potential." Alberta

"The Worthy Parenting Program that is offered here has totally supported me in effectively communicating with my teens so that we all get to win. When my son was 8 he wanted to kill himself. He could not take the bullying......until he learned to place value on who he is. He graduates from grade 12 this year. Self esteem is in fact a matter of life and death." Alberta

" I am a retired Social Worker after 30 years of service. I was so impressed with the material and delivery of these programs I decided to embark on a new career and become a facilitator. There was never ever any training in my degree program or subsequent professional development that ever embraced this concept of self worth as does this. Highly recommend this to anyone wishing to move past the hurts and get on with it." Saskatchewan 

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