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Our Core Empowerment Program is where many clients have started their personal development journey with us. 

The workshops are delivered on line from the comfort of your home or office. You are in a group of no more than six people with a qualified facilitator who has been mentored to deliver the workshops. Each week there is a differnt topic up for discussion. We use a system where you can verbally communicate with everyone with texting and web cam capabilities. 

Cost: 1200.00 for 40 worskhops


This is a three month process. We work with one couple at a time facilitating 12 workshops from home via phone call once a week for 3 months. This program also includes a getaway romantic weekend. 

Most couples come to us after they have already been to counseling if in trouble and others just come to make their great relationship even better. 

750.00 12 online workshops

extra fees for yoru getaway weekend if you choose that

References available from other couples upon request.


This is an amazing process. We offer it on line one hour each week for 10 weeks or you can arrange for us to do an in person workshop for your organization. There is a journaling workbook and proven techniques and ideas that will grow any business regardless of the size. Topics include Follow Up, Love Sales, Branding and Marketing and so much more. 

Cost 300.00 + gst per person.

"After taking these workshops I grew my business from just myself to having 8 employees within 6 months and growing my services as a window washing company."


40 workshops on line from the comfort of your home

1200.00 plus gst

This journey walks us through our money attitudes, beliefs, poverty and prosperity mentalities, building our finances through entrepreneurship and so much more. One hour a week for 40 hours can turn it all around once you come to understand how money works and why.

Money is a very emotionally charged subject and often we do not want to discuss it at all. So join us in a safe environment and learn all you need to know to prosper.



'I took these workshops in 1998 and all the information is still relevant today and I am still using the tools 20 years later. Amazing." 


"Your time as a caterpillar has expired, your wings are ready"

This is a live in person retreat. Within two to three days depending on the size of the group at any given time we facilitate a six step process that allows us to heal from early childhood negative experiences that take us from not being ok with the past to honoring our past. Confidence building tools and communication skills are also included.It is healing, empowering, enlightening and educational. 

Package is 1500.00 plus 5% gst per person

This includes the workshops, all meals, snacks, learning materials, take home gifts, certificate  and a three night stay. PLUS 10 one hour workshops for support and follow up after the fact. 

"Upon my arrival at for this process I was contemplating suicide and after leaving it was the furthest thing from my mind."

Police Officer

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